2010 Outset: a New Feature and a Good Song

Y’know, imaginary readers, I see you here pretty often. Suspiciously so. Mayhaps you’re… stalking me?!

In any case, I’ve decided to kick off the year with a real post around here, and to kick off the decade, I’m making it double strong. Do you dare to read on for more? I would suggest you do, ’cause I just learned to use the ‘more’ tag.

First off, we have a new feature around here. A while back, some of you imaginary readers may have read a post where I rambled on about some crazy way to get notified when I post something. What was it called, SOS, RSVP, FML? Whatever. Assuming that some of you actually read it, since that’s my imaginary readers’ #2 pasttime (after writing disturbing fanfiction), I guess it didn’t really fly with anybody, since the RSS feed tells me it has no subscribers. If you’re still interested in that avenue, you might want to get yourself set up with something like Google Reader, and then get back to me on that.

But if, like so many people these days, you have absolutely no idea how to operate newfangled things like Google Reader, then this new feature is one for you! That’s because the new feature is none other than… email subscription! If you look over on the sidebar, you’ll see a new section called, unsurprisingly “subscribe by email”. If you sign up, then you’ll be the first imaginary readers to know when I post something, however inane it may be! And, keep this on the down low, you just might end up getting EXCLUSIVE info, or something. Y’know, that’d be a lot more ‘on the down low’ if I didn’t capitalize exclusive…

So in summation, email subscription=good, okay? Off you go, then.

What? Oh yeah, I promised you imaginary readers a second thing, didn’t I? [Stupid brain, think of something!]

Oh! Yeah, that’ll work…

Okay, so apparently there’s this guy out there called DJ Earworm. And for 2009, 2008, 2007, and maybe earlier, he has been making mashups of the billboard top 25 songs for that year. I’ve only listened to his latest work, but it’s pretty good, I think.

If, for whatever reason, you want to keep track of the videos I favorite on YouTube, and be forewarned of any inane videos I post, you can stalk subscribe to my account.

And I think that’s about all I’ve got for this round, imaginary readers. Hopefully 2010 will see some more life breathed into this blog, and maybe even, dare I say it, real readers…? Naw, that’s just preposterous, isn’t it? But I still love my imaginary readers, each and every one of you.

Except Imaginary Jeff. That guy’s annoying.


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I'm a reader, a writer, a gamer, and various other things.

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