Don’t Get Lost: A User’s Manual to Shards of Infinity, Part 1

Okay. Starting today, I’m gonna do a series of posts to familiarize my readers with the features of this blog. To start with, I’m going to highlight a feature that’s not only important on this blog, but all over the internet: the RSS feed.

Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, feeds are a really simple way to keep track of updates on your favorite sites. The RSS feed for SoI is down in the bottom right-hand corner, in the section marked ‘Meta’, but to simplify it, you can just click this oversized RSS button:

So, if you’re familiar with RSS feeds, you’ll probably know what to do. If not, I’ll try to help a little. If you have a Google account, such as Gmail or something else, that means you have a Google Reader account too. Once you set up Google Reader, you can view all the RSS feeds you have from there. And if you use iGoogle as your homepage, you can view Google Reader from there, or even set up a box on your homepage exclusively for Shards of Infinity! If you guys out there have any other tips for people new to RSS feeds, do them a favor and leave a comment.


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