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I have changed something on the site

I changed something on the site in the last 24 hours. It is very subtle. Have you noticed it, loyal readers? Leave a comment if you think you know what it is.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World Game Trailer

For those of you with no idea what I’m talking about, this post may be enlightening. Also, awesome.
I can’t embed the video here, because of WordPress stuff, but Brian Lee O’Malley’s website, Radiomaru, has posted the first video of footage from the video game adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. And it looks AWESOME. I normally don’t care for Beat-Em-Ups, but I think I’ll make an exception here. You can play as Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pine, or Stephen Stills. And it’s being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, which is both awesome and Canadian (O’Malley is also both of these things). And even better, the music is being done by Anamanaguchi, a chiptune band that makes music on a HACKED NES. Does it get much more epic than that? DOES IT?! Maybe. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World will be in theaters August 13th, and the game’ll be out sometime in August for the PS3 at first (I won’t say PSN), and Xbox Live sometime later on.


While I miss Life on Mars, the idea of life on Saturn is pretty Titanic

That was another horrible pun. Inaccurate, too, since the theoretical life is on Titan, not Saturn itself. The Cassini space probe has observed levels of certain elements and compounds on Titan that suggest that there may be microbes eating some of them. If it’s true, this would be the first extraterrestrial life not only in the solar system but everywhere. That’s just…amazing. Stay tuned, loyal readers.


[Via Gizmodo and io9]

We All Like to Reblog (via News)

This is some pretty meta reblogging. Reblogging the reblog feature, I mean. I don’t have much else to say, I just wanted to try out this feature. Neat, eh?


We All Like to Reblog Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog? Sure, you can copy and paste the link and perhaps even a snippet of text with your own comments, but overall it's not a particularly enjoyable experience. We wanted to change this and make sharing other posts with your readers as easy as posting to your blog. Today we're introducing a new like and reblog feature enabled … Read More

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