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A Wild New Theme has appeared, what do you do?

Welp, the time has come to revitalize this blog yet again. You might’ve seen me around comment sections in a few places, but I haven’t come back here to roost since around January. I’d been messing around with the new Mystique theme on my beta blog for a while, so I figured now was as good a time as any to unveil it on my main site. But, I don’t really have much else to say at this point. Look forward to more stuff in the near future, but for now sate yourselves with this haiku:

When my hair sticks up
I can feel it shake around
Feels like antennae.



When we Last Left our Hero…

Dead Snow Angel

Image by CarbonNYC via Flickr

Coldness. Everywhere. Even with no sense of direction, he could feel the chill north, south, east, west, and everywhere inbetween. He was lying prone, surrounded by…something. Something cold, at any rate. He tried to lift his arms, and found that the substance encasing him yielded with minimal resistance. He lifted his head tentatively, only to find bright light beyond the cold material. Opening his eyes, he found the world quite similar to the one he’d left for dreams of darkness. Truly, only a thin layer of snow distinguished this land from the one in his memory. He had survived November, and now played host to December.

In other words, I’m back! I can’t say I succeeded in writing a novel in the past month, but I agree with Ishana enough to say that I didn’t fail, either. I know my story a lot better now, even after only 16 000 words. I also see glaring holes in it, but not nearly as glaring as my project from last year. I also learned that I’m more of a plotter than a pantser, since my writing derailed in the midst of a section of story not outlined in my notes. So that just means I go back to planning, and write my story piece by piece. My first NaNo attempt has done nothing more since I wrote it than collect dust and comfort the homeless with its smoldering corpse. The basis was sound, but a critical flaw in the worldbuilding inclines me toward not continuing it directly. If I ever go back to it, it will be from the ground up, refining it into a workable product. Which I’d like to do eventually, since I like the characters so much.

This year’s attempt, on the other hand, I could conceivably continue, once I do some more planning. I might have to strike the last part from the record, but it’s largely salvageable. The last part is questionable at best, though, since I introduced a character I was saving for later, a plot twist I was saving for later, and nearly introduced another character I was saving for later, before abruptly stopping. But I’ll go back to it, in time. I might even leave in the last section, sans the second new character. I have to keep some things a surprise, after all. There’s little to gain from playing all my cards so early in the story.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how well my characters made their own decisions. In particular the one I introduced in the last part, Aryxander, seems to be the most autonomous. I never expected to find him working for the lowlife Terrick who had appeared early in the story and never again since, and I certainly didn’t expect him to do something majorly game-changing much later on in the story. But even I’m in the dark as to the extent of that one, so I really can’t go telling you guys.

In other news, I’m now a contributor at Class of Last Year! I’m forced by the author’s whim to write under the name Spencer[at], but it is indeed me. Thus far, that has largely consisted of Rickrolls and Words of the Day. Actually, I might steal Will’s and/or my own Word(s) of the Day, and post them over here. We’ll see.


RSS Alert!

Just a quick note to anyone who might be subscribed to the site’s RSS feed: apparently, due to me unpublishing and then republishing them, none out of the three Wrylna chapters has appeared in the RSS. If you’ve been missing out up until now, get caught up!

That is all, good night.


Tweaks to the Sidebar, Evidence of Evolution?


Image via Wikipedia

[Feel free to panic, this is post about the site itself instead of something interesting! The nerve of me. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Wrylna later tonight, though.]

Several months ago, I put forth the statement that “Things ain’t never always happening all up in this business“. That statement is even more true than it was back then, and my blog has spontaneously evolved to suit this new environment. Am I talking about yet another new theme? Not quite, that’s still under construction. But in the meantime, I fixed up the sidebar! Read the rest of this entry

I have changed something on the site

I changed something on the site in the last 24 hours. It is very subtle. Have you noticed it, loyal readers? Leave a comment if you think you know what it is.


Hey, You!

Yeah, you! The first person to read this, myself excluded of course, will be the 1500th all-time visitor to this site. Isn’t that insane? It hasn’t even been two years yet, wow. Despite the gravatas of this situation, I don’t really know what to say. But if you think you’re the 1500th, comment! Maybe you will be.


Stupendous, Unprecedented, Perfect, Exciting, and Revolutionary. In a word, SUPER!

Some sharp-thinking readers may have been expecting this, but I was hesitant to announce it before it actually happened:

Shards of Infinity has gone ONE MONTH without a viewless day.

Stop for a minute and consider that. One month. Four weeks. Thirty days. Isn’t that amazing? That’s amazing. That is just mind-blowing. You have officially blown my mind, loyal readers. AWESOME readers. Am I repeating things? I’m repeating things. I am repeating things because my mind is just so totally and completely blown. It feels like barely yesterday we were dancing in the streets to celebrate a mere two weeks of this, and now it’s suddenly a month’s worth.

As I see it, there are two main culprits in this event. The first, as I have mentioned before, is Matsu. The traffic I’ve gotten from Deck of Jokers has inflated both my pageviews and my ego. One of these things is good, the other is not so good, but I keep it under control. The other is probably the four posts of superawesome.

SO, an event this momentous has to be accompanied by site news, doesn’t it? I… really hadn’t put much prior thought into this.

The only really new thing I have is that I added a link to the sidebar. It’s to Sfeer Theory, a relatively young webcomic that I chanced upon. And by relatively young, I mean it has an archive of just 5 pages. A great choice for anyone who hates reading through massive archives (these people are not me, I read through ALL of the archives, even when it’s pointless and futile, like Dinosaur Comics). I suppose it detracts from the exclusivity of Deck of Jokers in my link section, but more links equals more readers, or something…Right?

OH, here’s another one! I haven’t gotten around to this, but I’m going to re-design the About page so that it doesn’t suck as hard as it does now. A daunting task, if ever there was one. Stay tuned for the finished product.

Aaaaand, that’s about it for now. Honestly, though. A month? You guys are the best. Keep being the best, loyal readers.


A Book of Puzzles…To the EXTREME

Okay, okay, this is awesome.  Addictive, too. Confusing sometimes. What am I talking about? Bursts, that’s what. This guy, Albert-László Barabási, decided to put his book online before it’s published on paper. But he didn’t just do it the easy way, no. He did it the AWESOME way.

So now, people all over the world are reading his story, and figuring out what words go where. I know it may not sound that great, but it’s really addictive. You guys should try it, totally.

But wait, there’s more, loyal readers! You can just sign up on the Bursts site, OR you can help me earn points via referral. Just leave a comment on this post asking for an invitation, and I’ll send one your way. Then, EVERYBODY WINS. And by everybody, I mostly mean me. But then again, all you loyal readers are winners anyway, because you’re just undeniably AWESOME.

By the way, I’m waiting for confirmation, but there may be a big announcement on this site in the near future. Stay tuned, loyal readers!


[Via Gizmodo]

The true meaning of super-awesome, revealed at last!

Far as I can understand, this whole affair was concocted by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Graffiti artist Evan Roth. According to this article, it’s all part of some art show, or something. I guess a lot of people opted out of the whole thing, but I find it enjoyable, so I’ll stick with it for now. Anybody out there got an opinion about the whole ‘Surprise Me’ deal? Drop it in a comment.


This post really is super-awesome!

Okay so, I guess Surprise Me doesn’t affect you guys, much. In addition to what I mentioned yesterday, the mode seems to add a ‘humanize’ heading to my stats page, and something neat happens when you hit the publish button, which I’ll keep to myself. Sorry, loyal readers, but I can’t ruin the surprise for fellow bloggers, and it doesn’t really affect anybody else.

But hey! The other thing I’ve noticed, is that my views have SPIKED. I guess a lot of people are doing searches about Surprise Me, and they’re getting here. Between yesterday and today, I already have about 50 views! Crazy stuff, loyal readers. I’m gonna keep looking for more features, but don’t hesitate to speak up if one of you finds something. Leave it in the comments if you do.