Monthly Archives: October 2009

Of Weasels and Watchmakers

Welp[it’s a word, portmanteau of well and yup], the results on the poll are unanimously saying video game review right now. Well, one person said they like waffles, but OTHER than that, video game review. As such, I’ve started working on that, and you should see it before the end of the week. I’m not sure what game it’s gonna be, but it’ll probably be an SNES game, since I have the equipment I need to record SNES video.

ANYWAY, my main reason for this post was so I could share the story I came up with in the shower[that’s right, the shower.]. The title, as you can see, is “Of Weasels and Watchmakers”[A pun on ‘Of Mice and Men’].Weasels and watchmakers, how do those fit together? Let’s find out…
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