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A Book of Puzzles…To the EXTREME

Okay, okay, this is awesome.  Addictive, too. Confusing sometimes. What am I talking about? Bursts, that’s what. This guy, Albert-László Barabási, decided to put his book online before it’s published on paper. But he didn’t just do it the easy way, no. He did it the AWESOME way.

So now, people all over the world are reading his story, and figuring out what words go where. I know it may not sound that great, but it’s really addictive. You guys should try it, totally.

But wait, there’s more, loyal readers! You can just sign up on the Bursts site, OR you can help me earn points via referral. Just leave a comment on this post asking for an invitation, and I’ll send one your way. Then, EVERYBODY WINS. And by everybody, I mostly mean me. But then again, all you loyal readers are winners anyway, because you’re just undeniably AWESOME.

By the way, I’m waiting for confirmation, but there may be a big announcement on this site in the near future. Stay tuned, loyal readers!


[Via Gizmodo]



…Well, airspace. But still! I said I’d try to come up with something good, and I saw an opportunity:

So, I guess that late in WWII, the Nazis invented some sort of jetpack? Not for flying, mind you, but for ‘leaping tall buildings in a single bound‘. Pretty neat, eh? Crazy Nazis.


[Image and story courtesy of Gizmodo]

So of course the Super-Awesome view wave begins to dwindle on the one weekend where I’m busier than ever.

Yeah, I’m shameful. I’ve been riding the whole ‘Surprise Me’ wave for over a week, without posting anything of substance. I know, not cool. I’d like to say “Stand by for some epic postage!”, but I can’t right now. This is a really busy, important weekend for me. I’ll see what I can do about a post during next week, all right? Hang tight, loyal readers.


The true meaning of super-awesome, revealed at last!

Far as I can understand, this whole affair was concocted by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Graffiti artist Evan Roth. According to this article, it’s all part of some art show, or something. I guess a lot of people opted out of the whole thing, but I find it enjoyable, so I’ll stick with it for now. Anybody out there got an opinion about the whole ‘Surprise Me’ deal? Drop it in a comment.


This post really is super-awesome!

Okay so, I guess Surprise Me doesn’t affect you guys, much. In addition to what I mentioned yesterday, the mode seems to add a ‘humanize’ heading to my stats page, and something neat happens when you hit the publish button, which I’ll keep to myself. Sorry, loyal readers, but I can’t ruin the surprise for fellow bloggers, and it doesn’t really affect anybody else.

But hey! The other thing I’ve noticed, is that my views have SPIKED. I guess a lot of people are doing searches about Surprise Me, and they’re getting here. Between yesterday and today, I already have about 50 views! Crazy stuff, loyal readers. I’m gonna keep looking for more features, but don’t hesitate to speak up if one of you finds something. Leave it in the comments if you do.


This post is ‘Super-Awesome’…?

Okay, loyal readers (wow, still getting used to that), today WordPress rolled out a new feature. It’s called Surprise Me, and I have absolutely no idea what it does, generally. At this point, I’ve noticed two things. The first, as alluded in the title, is that my publish settings now have a checkbox for ‘This post is super-awesome’. I have checked it. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the boring old off-white publish button is now slightly larger and blue. For some reason, it makes me want to shout ‘Final fusion, approved!‘ and punch the monitor. So, I’m going to post this now, and let’s see what happens.


Disturbing Vampire Fiction, okay?

I said I’d give you guys what you asked for, and I’m a man of my word. I’ve gotten one request so far, and it was for “more disturbing vampire fiction”. So, let’s give that a shot, or something.

They sat there, silently, watching. Nocturnal animals skittered back and forth across the slivers of moonlinght filtering in through the trees. It would perhaps be rather comical to observe two grown men sitting on a tree branch, but they were positioned in such a way as to be almost invisible from most any angle.
“So, what sort of ‘big game’ are we after, brother?” one of them whispered, cutting through the silence.
“A deer, a bear, anything with enough life to sustain us.” the other spoke sharply, annoyed with his companion.
“Well, why do we have to just sit here? I mean, it would be way faster to just hunt something directly. This is boring!”
“Quiet!” he hissed in reply. “You need to learn the virtue of patience, brother. That which we seek ought show itself sooner than later.
“Well, I’m thirsty.” With that, he took a flask from his belt, and drank from it. The liquid shone in the moonlight.
“I didn’t think you had any blood left, brother…” the elder vampire found himself wondering if his stores had been raided yet again.
“No, I ran out ages ago.” the younger replied. “I’m trying some new stuff, to try and hold off the urges.”
“So…what, water? tea?” he caught a whiff of its scent, and it puzzled him.
“Nope, trying something natural. Urine, actually. Want some?” he held the open flask out to his brother.
“What? No! That’s disgusting!” he shouted in reply, right before the branch cracked.

The animals fled as the two hit the ground with an unceremonious thump. Unfortunately, the open flask had lost its contents all over the elder vampire…

So, yeah. It was hard to think of something disturbing without going too far, so you guys get ‘drinking urine’. That’s kind of disturbing, at least. Keep up the requests, guys.


Shards of Infinity celebrates two solid weeks of page views!

Whoa. This is, insane. Incredible, even. If I get even ONE VIEW today, I have officially gone TWO WEEKS without a single view-less day on here. That just amazes me, you guys. And this is all thanks to you. I cut it close on a couple of days, but at least one person looked at my blog every day for the past two weeks. This means a lot to me guys, thanks. Check it out:

Isn’t that great? It’s got me seriously psyched, at least. And I look forward to two more weeks like this! And maybe some more after that!

But this isn’t about me. No way. This is about you guys, and how you’ve shown up every day for me. But what do you guys wanna see? Surely I can give you better than just rambling on about this, that, and the next thing. Leave a comment telling me what you want to see, and I’ll make it happen. Well, unless it’s really weird or something, maybe. But still, ask and ye shall receive, loyal readers! Man, I remember the days when you guys were all imaginary readers…How times have changed, I suppose.

And speaking of changing times, I can’t forget one of the most important people to blame for this prosperity, Matsu! If you’re not reading Deck of Jokers yet, get to it. And if you are reading Deck of Jokers, keep up the good work. My link exchange with Deck of Jokers was a real turning point for me, from rambling moron to actually something, even just a little bit. Oh, and in case I haven’t made it clear yet: Deck of Jokers. Read it.

So, guys, it looks like I’m moving up in the world. It’ll be a pretty crazy ride, but I hope you guys hang around for it. How about it?


Finding new things in old games

So, if you’ve been reading here in the past day, and I know you may have been, you’ll know that I’m in a SNES mood. For the past few days, that has materialized in playing Yoshi’s Island. Amidst the rampant drug references, it’s a kickass game. So, I beat the first world, and noticed that I had flashing 100 scores on four out of the eight levels. So, I went in and got the other ones perfect and, lo and behold, a bonus level and a minigame appeared! I mean, how crazy is that?

Man, this is what I love about really old games. When you’re a really young kid, you’ll play these things, and miss all sorts of stuff. Then, when you go back years later, BAM! New stuff. And especially in a game as great as Yoshi’s Island, it’s an amazing find. That’s about all I can say, guys.


A call for SNES games!

Okay, not much to say today. I’ve been looking for good Super Nintendo games lately. You guys know any? Leave a comment if you do, preferably including the game’s title. I mean, if you know of one but don’t want to share, that’s fine, I guess…