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I Made Another New Video. Be Afraid.

Well, imaginary readers, last night another implication of my new computer hit me. I could edit video better than ever before! So, I did.

The ingredients? Voltron and a Dissidia fight. Add in an SD Gundam explosion, and you’re COOKING WITH CRAP. See the results after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


I made a new YouTube Video!

So, imaginary readers, I cracked open a book on making Flash games yesterday, and managed to rapidly acquire some new skills in the field of Flash art. To that end, I made this video.

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The Logical Conclusion

Imaginary readers, it probably comes as no surprise to you that I have a Facebook account. I do, however, bear an intense dislike of many of the applications on there. With few exceptions, Facebook apps are entirely crap, and mediocre crap at best. In paticular, I turn my ire towards the ‘wars’ games. I’ve never played one, but when you have hundreds of games called “___ Wars”, you can expect them to suck. But even with so many of them, so many ideas have been left out. In the interest of being thorough, here’s a few of them.

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2010 Outset: a New Feature and a Good Song

Y’know, imaginary readers, I see you here pretty often. Suspiciously so. Mayhaps you’re… stalking me?!

In any case, I’ve decided to kick off the year with a real post around here, and to kick off the decade, I’m making it double strong. Do you dare to read on for more? I would suggest you do, ’cause I just learned to use the ‘more’ tag.
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Total Redo

I do so much for you guys, imaginary readers. I wasn’t happy with how the new header turned out, so I scrapped the entire theme. So now we have a new theme, adorned with ANOTHER new header, also done in flash. I tried to make this one a bit less industrial looking, what with the curves and such. I’m displeased with my inability to make the colors really flow well, but such are the limits of my skill. But I know my imaginary readers love me anyway, right guys?


Happy New Year!

Hello again, lifeless drones who read my blog! I’ve been messing around in Flash MX 2004 a bit lately, so I decided to ring in the new year with a sharp new header for the site! To the completely uninformed, perhaps it just looks like a jumble of shapes. Perhaps some of you think it has something to do with Megaman X. But I’m sure the sharpest imaginary character out there knows that we’re ushering in the year MMX; 2010! Good for you, lifeless drone.

Who knows, perhaps I’ll actually get this blog running in 2010, and then my audience won’t by composed of lifeless drones. Until then,