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Apparently, I Write Like a Blogger When I Blog, and a Bunch of Sci-Fi Authors When I Write Fantasy

So, I was checking out my friend’s blog, when I came across this post. I was intrigued, so I went to the site. I had to dig through my archives to find anything long enough to post, but I chose most of this post. The result was as follows:

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

That’s pretty neat. For anyone who doesn’t know, Cory Doctorow is a notable blogger and sci-fi author. I’ve actually never read anything by him, but I first heard of him in this xkcd comic. Check out some more results after the jump. Read the rest of this entry


Either That, or a Bunch of Leprechauns Lighting up Outside my Window

Moon Over Forest Fire

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

So I was trying to sleep last night, and I noticed the smell of cigarette smoke coming in my window. Now, that kind of thing’s not unheard of in an apartment complex, but an endless stream of it is kinda weird. Oddly, though, not the first time it happened. In addition to suffocation and various carcinogens, it was apparently a source of poetic inspiration, as I wrote this: Read the rest of this entry

To Blog or Not to Blog (via Over here)

To blog or not to blog…a question I’ve pondered myself sometimes, in not so many words. An interesting read, in any case.

To Blog or Not to Blog I’ve been thinking about blogging lately, which is weird. Not as in “oh I should blog about tea” or “I should write something on my blog” but about the general act of blogging and specifically why people choose to write on their blogs or even have blogs at all. I was inspired, if one can say that, by a recent post I read which was about this very subjec … Read More

via Over here

City to charge for blogging? (via The Ryan Coke Experience)

This…This makes my brain hurt. And not in a good way, like quantum mechanics or something, in a bad way. Can people really be this stupid and greedy at the same time without, I don’t know, exploding or something? Sheesh.

City to charge for blogging? I know I have been outspoken on the City of Ottawa before, but even they wouldn’t do something this stupid.     Okay, they might once they hear about it, but for now, I would have to give Philadelphia the honour of the world’s stupidest motion in a bad effort to make money.   As Broad Street Hockey talks about, the City … Read More

via The Ryan Coke Experience

Tech & Talk Commerical is Epic (via A Nerd’s Life)

After the absolute fail that was Prefontaine, this is both refreshing AND hilarious.

You just HAVE to love this… Replay! Read More

via A Nerd’s Life

Pat Prefontaine, Telus will not Make you Smell Like a Man..

…and Dolphins are not a Backwards Horse! Hello again, readers. I was peacefully watching television when I saw, not for the first time, a Telus ad featuring this Pat Prefontaine fellow. Take a look for yourselves.

Seems familiar, doesn’t it? A little too familiar. Telus is obviously trying to make their man smell like the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa. But the result just smells fishy. Not because of the dolphins, though, because they aren’t fish. I think Mr. Mustafa might need to find a lawyer. Oh wait…

Suck it, Prefontaine.


Americans are Crazy and now I am Hungry

I’m still digging through backlogs of pretty much everything from the past week, but I came across this and had to post it, more out of shock and rage than anything.

Seriously, though. If you’re ever in Canada, poutine it up. Best thing ever.

[AppleGeeks Lite]

Don’t Make Dinner, ‘Cause Scott Pilgrim DELIVERS!

I just got back from seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Some of you may not remember, but I’ve mentioned Scott Pilgrim at least a couple of times. I was wary of it, fearing that it might go the way of most adaptations from print to the silver screen, but my worries were for naught. Great cast, great effects, great music, everything. Even the trailers for other movies were good. It’s only been out two days, and I know that at least one of my readers wants to go and see it, so I’ll hold off on saying much more than GO SEE IT. NOW.

Thanks to SCIENCE, you can now force my non-existant posts on your friends and loved ones!

That’s right, if you like my posts for whatever reason, you can spam it to all your friends on Twitter! How is such a miraculous feat achievable, you ask? With the push of a simple button, friends! At least, I think it’s there. I don’t bother with this whole Twitter business, so I can only assume the button is staring you in the face as you read this, perhaps with flashing lights and maybe some implied monetary gain? Very good.

Rather than addressing my extended absence from this blog, I will end with a largely unexplained link.

Swan dive!