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The true meaning of super-awesome, revealed at last!

Far as I can understand, this whole affair was concocted by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Graffiti artist Evan Roth. According to this article, it’s all part of some art show, or something. I guess a lot of people opted out of the whole thing, but I find it enjoyable, so I’ll stick with it for now. Anybody out there got an opinion about the whole ‘Surprise Me’ deal? Drop it in a comment.



This post is ‘Super-Awesome’…?

Okay, loyal readers (wow, still getting used to that), today WordPress rolled out a new feature. It’s called Surprise Me, and I have absolutely no idea what it does, generally. At this point, I’ve noticed two things. The first, as alluded in the title, is that my publish settings now have a checkbox for ‘This post is super-awesome’. I have checked it. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the boring old off-white publish button is now slightly larger and blue. For some reason, it makes me want to shout ‘Final fusion, approved!‘ and punch the monitor. So, I’m going to post this now, and let’s see what happens.