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A Book of Puzzles…To the EXTREME

Okay, okay, this is awesome.  Addictive, too. Confusing sometimes. What am I talking about? Bursts, that’s what. This guy, Albert-László Barabási, decided to put his book online before it’s published on paper. But he didn’t just do it the easy way, no. He did it the AWESOME way.

So now, people all over the world are reading his story, and figuring out what words go where. I know it may not sound that great, but it’s really addictive. You guys should try it, totally.

But wait, there’s more, loyal readers! You can just sign up on the Bursts site, OR you can help me earn points via referral. Just leave a comment on this post asking for an invitation, and I’ll send one your way. Then, EVERYBODY WINS. And by everybody, I mostly mean me. But then again, all you loyal readers are winners anyway, because you’re just undeniably AWESOME.

By the way, I’m waiting for confirmation, but there may be a big announcement on this site in the near future. Stay tuned, loyal readers!


[Via Gizmodo]