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I Come Late to the Party, with but Scraps to my Name

As inadequate as the public schooling system often seems to me, it has done quite a skillful job of forcing my nose to the grindstone these past weeks. As an unfortunate side effect, I have failed to prepare anything for Ishana’s Resplendence Winter Writing Project. Wanting neither to give up nor miss this checkpoint entirely, I tried twice in the last few hours to concoct a scene from either of my two latest story ideas, but both are still far too immaterial to give me something to show off. Terrible, really.

Buuut, I had a fallback. I’m too tired to meticulously link to all the posts and comments on my blog and others where I’ve spoken of my first NaNoWriMo attempt, but I’m sure you’ve all heard of it at least once. In scrambling through my writing folders, I kept passing over the one still uncreatively labelled ‘Epyk’ [sic]. But a few checks short of wit’s end, I finally conceded to give it a look. I brought up my old manuscript, copied the first chapter over to a new document, tweaked it in the places where it was most starkly terrible, and popped it onto Google Docs. It stars Saryin and Felwin, in case you’re familiar with them. Now you can read it…


Don’t take this to mean I’ve decided to take on my old manuscript as my Winter Writing Project, but don’t take it to mean I haven’t, either. I really can’t have much of an idea of anything until I can dump all the first semester school stuff from my head in about two weeks. We’ll see, I suppose.



Saryin and Felwin – An Excercise in Characterization

Like a promised, tonight I’m posting my alternate take on this post sans machina. Not quite, though, as I guess I kept the van? I cut Wrylna out, in any case. I like to think that this piece is better than the other one, since I wrote it from memory, which included tweaking it, instead of transcribing the original. But enough of my prattling, on with the story! Read the rest of this entry

From the Vault – Wrylna 3: Mistaken Identity

Saryin stared up at the ceiling lazily, counting the fading stars through tiny holes. Sharamancy truly changed the world, he reflected, but nothing ever came with a manual. The light slowly starting to creep across the floor told him that dawn had come once more.

A few feet away, Felwin sat at the controls, attempting with futility to safely navigate past the bumps in the road. Sharamancy truly changed the world, he reflected, but nothing was ever that easy. The oh so familiar shade of blue in the sky told him that it was his brother’s turn to drive.
“Saryin. Drive.”
“Can I get some food first?”
“No. You’ve been awake for almost an hour, I could tell from your breathing.”
“If I didn’t know you better, I’d swear you just made that up.”
“Hilarious. Drive.”
“Okay, okay. I’m going. You don’t need to remind me what happened last time…” Read the rest of this entry