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This post is ‘Super-Awesome’…?

Okay, loyal readers (wow, still getting used to that), today WordPress rolled out a new feature. It’s called Surprise Me, and I have absolutely no idea what it does, generally. At this point, I’ve noticed two things. The first, as alluded in the title, is that my publish settings now have a checkbox for ‘This post is super-awesome’. I have checked it. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the boring old off-white publish button is now slightly larger and blue. For some reason, it makes me want to shout ‘Final fusion, approved!‘ and punch the monitor. So, I’m going to post this now, and let’s see what happens.



Shards of Infinity celebrates two solid weeks of page views!

Whoa. This is, insane. Incredible, even. If I get even ONE VIEW today, I have officially gone TWO WEEKS without a single view-less day on here. That just amazes me, you guys. And this is all thanks to you. I cut it close on a couple of days, but at least one person looked at my blog every day for the past two weeks. This means a lot to me guys, thanks. Check it out:

Isn’t that great? It’s got me seriously psyched, at least. And I look forward to two more weeks like this! And maybe some more after that!

But this isn’t about me. No way. This is about you guys, and how you’ve shown up every day for me. But what do you guys wanna see? Surely I can give you better than just rambling on about this, that, and the next thing. Leave a comment telling me what you want to see, and I’ll make it happen. Well, unless it’s really weird or something, maybe. But still, ask and ye shall receive, loyal readers! Man, I remember the days when you guys were all imaginary readers…How times have changed, I suppose.

And speaking of changing times, I can’t forget one of the most important people to blame for this prosperity, Matsu! If you’re not reading Deck of Jokers yet, get to it. And if you are reading Deck of Jokers, keep up the good work. My link exchange with Deck of Jokers was a real turning point for me, from rambling moron to actually something, even just a little bit. Oh, and in case I haven’t made it clear yet: Deck of Jokers. Read it.

So, guys, it looks like I’m moving up in the world. It’ll be a pretty crazy ride, but I hope you guys hang around for it. How about it?


You got me, guys!

A rather slow week or so since last I posted. I notice, though, that on April 1st my views spiked from a string of 0s to 3. Did you guys expect a joke…? If you’d told me ahead of time, I could’ve cooked something up. Next year, I guess.


PSP turns 5, site updates occur. Coincidence? Probably.

The PSP‘s five, eh? That’s crazy. I’ve had mine for two years as of this past January, but it was used then. It could be a launch model, even. Doubt it, though. It has served me well in those two years, though. But I guess when I consider its age, the slow decline of its hardware is more expected, but still lamentable.

In other news, the site has received some minor tweaks(rather than the typical overhaul), mainly the logo and a text widget. I discovered that I could change the site’s logo (see above), and after numerous failed designs, I settled on simply adding a Triforce to an immitation of the original logo. Not that great, but unique, at least.

The second, hopefully more interesting update, is the return of the Currently Reading text widget in the sidebar. While this is up, it’ll carry the titles of whatever I’m reading, along with a small blurb of some sort, probably. It’s hard to make time to read, though, so it’ll probably go away in a while, to hide my shame.

And that’s about it for now. Not really anything great, but it’s something, right? Although quality can’t be entirely abandoned, quantity is important on a blog, I would think. I need some regular columns, or something. That’s all for now, I guess.


[PSP’s birthday news via Kotaku]

Things ain’t never always happening all up in this business

Okay so, some things have happened around here. A crazy awesome thing happened, but I wasn’t going to say anything. An annoying thing happened, but I wasn’t going to say anything. Then a third thing happened and, like Mustafa, I finally caved.

THING NUMBER ONE – Matsu, from the webcomic Deck of Jokers, wants to exchange links with me. Setting aside for a moment the fact that I got linked by ANYONE, DoJ is a great comic. Go read it. NOW. I’ll still be here, waiting. Back? Good. Returning to the fact that I’m going to exchange links with ANYONE, this just adds to the illusion that I’m actually a blogger, and not some random guy shouting obscenities into the abyss. You can see that I’ve already added a link to the sidebar, and it’s actually the first banner on there. Which leads me to my next point,

THING NUMBER TWO  – Mike Myers played The Cat in the Hat, didn’t he? COINCIDENCE? Draw your own conclusions.

REAL THING NUMBER TWO – I took the SocialVibe box off of my sidebar again. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still dislike cancer. But the widget wasn’t working right, and it was too bulky and out of place to be decorative, y’know? Maybe when it’s working again, it can return.

THING NUMBER THREE – I updated the About page. Matsu’s post there reminded me of its glaring incompleteness. Now, if you didn’t check the about page before now, then you have no idea what I’m rambling on about here. That’s okay. In fact, I may do this again later on, to the people who still don’t check it. That would be almost as entertaining as shouting obscenities into the abyss.

And that’s all I’ve got for now, guys. I guess I’ll go shout obscenities into the abyss be a blogger.

It would seem that I’ve grown negligibly popular without noticing it…

Despite having made no posts since this one ten days ago, I’ve been consistently getting at least some traffic on the site from day to day, averaging to about 4 views a day. That’s pretty shocking, and slightly alarming. I mean, this unsolicited surge in non-imaginary readership really puts pressure on me to deliver quality content on a regular basis. Am I up to it? Doubtful, but I suppose I can try. So let’s kick it off with this wonderful, content rich post.


Yeah, it’s a New Theme

I liked the last theme, but it was too restrictive, y’know? I felt too squeezed together with that narrow column, and it looked even worse once I got a widescreen monitor. So when I saw this new theme, I jumped on it. I don’t get much in terms of customization, but the whole thing looks and feels a lot more natural, I think.

Now, obviously, all this theme shuffling is all part of a clever conspiracy to divert your attention from the distinct lack of content on this blog. I’m working on that, maybe? Wouldn’t you like to know. Well, we’ll see. Well, I will, for sure. And maybe you will, too. No obligations. And I mean, the subtle hypnotic cues all over the place don’t mean anything, do they?


2010 Outset: a New Feature and a Good Song

Y’know, imaginary readers, I see you here pretty often. Suspiciously so. Mayhaps you’re… stalking me?!

In any case, I’ve decided to kick off the year with a real post around here, and to kick off the decade, I’m making it double strong. Do you dare to read on for more? I would suggest you do, ’cause I just learned to use the ‘more’ tag.
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Total Redo

I do so much for you guys, imaginary readers. I wasn’t happy with how the new header turned out, so I scrapped the entire theme. So now we have a new theme, adorned with ANOTHER new header, also done in flash. I tried to make this one a bit less industrial looking, what with the curves and such. I’m displeased with my inability to make the colors really flow well, but such are the limits of my skill. But I know my imaginary readers love me anyway, right guys?


Don’t Get Lost: A User’s Manual to Shards of Infinity, Part 1

Okay. Starting today, I’m gonna do a series of posts to familiarize my readers with the features of this blog. To start with, I’m going to highlight a feature that’s not only important on this blog, but all over the internet: the RSS feed.

Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, feeds are a really simple way to keep track of updates on your favorite sites. The RSS feed for SoI is down in the bottom right-hand corner, in the section marked ‘Meta’, but to simplify it, you can just click this oversized RSS button:

So, if you’re familiar with RSS feeds, you’ll probably know what to do. If not, I’ll try to help a little. If you have a Google account, such as Gmail or something else, that means you have a Google Reader account too. Once you set up Google Reader, you can view all the RSS feeds you have from there. And if you use iGoogle as your homepage, you can view Google Reader from there, or even set up a box on your homepage exclusively for Shards of Infinity! If you guys out there have any other tips for people new to RSS feeds, do them a favor and leave a comment.