CreateSpace Dangles the Carrot Yet Again, and by Carrot I mean Novel

That’s right, CreateSpace is offering once again to give succesful NaNovelists a proof copy of their novel for free. Gratis! This is so exciting. I’m excited. The incentive was so strong last year, I was almost tempted to fill in 30 000 words of lorem ipsum after my novel failed after 20 000 words. But I didn’t, and I’m glad. A hollow victory is no fun, and I’d hate to spoil my first novel with those sorts of soured memories.

But that’s last year. This year, this year will be different, I say! I’m gonna finish my novel, and get that proof copy. For sure, this time*.


*surety subject to change without notice. But I hope not.


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  1. I am glad you didn’t fill your novel with lorem ipsum or you would later feel so bad about it and not attempt to take part in NaNoWriMo again.
    Good Luck for this time! I can’t believe November is already here…
    What genre are you writing?
    BTW I read Shade’s Children and it was really good. In a slightly weird way. My favorite character was Ninde.

    • I know, I’m actually heading out to a local Meet & Greet soon. I’m writing a steampunk fantasy story, I think. To quote my summary from Ishana’s post the other day:
      “Working title: Contract
      Synopsis: A young slave boy finds himself at gunpoint after a mysterious power is awoken within him. A chance rescue flings the boy into a strange underworld of people just like him. But the boy’s powers make him a target, drawing the eyes of an ancient spirit and a mad doctor as the notes of a prophetic tune begin to play…”

      Yeah, for all its oddities toward the end it was a great book. I’m not sure who my favorite character was, so I guess I’d have to say Robert Ingman (as in non-evil Shade).

      • You have no idea how lucky you are to get a chance to go to these Meet and Greet. I am seriously starting to think I am the only person in Saudi Arabia taking part in NaNoWriMo. These sort of things make a person feel very idiosyncratic.
        Steampunk sounds cool. I really like the name of your novel, very catchy. I am intrigued by your synopsis too. It sounds like you have a good idea where your novel is going to go.
        Unfortunately for me, all I have is the basic idea for my story. I have a major exam on the 1st of November and that is all my conscience lets m think about. This is so unfair. I don’t even know what “synopsis” to post on Ishana’s post…

        • Why don’t you post on the forums, see if anyone else is around?
          I don’t care much for the name, but it’s a good placeholder ’til I can come up with something better.
          Trust me, that synopsis just does a good job of covering up how much I really don’t know. That synopsis probably covers up to some way into the second book, actually. I don’t know how much I’ll manage to cover in the 50 000 words, so it’s really up in the air right now. Once you choose a synopsis, definitely post it.

  2. Yay steampunk!

    I didn’t actually get my free proof last year. There is quite a lot involved with ordering it, and it does in fact _publish_ your novel. You can even sell it on Amazon afterward if you want. I find the entire process incredibly intimidating. Then again, I also fear success and the responsibility/expectations that come with it. That’s just my personal opinion. CreateSpace offers this terrific opportunity for NaNo winners. If you’re brave enough, then by all means, go for it!

    Five days left!

    • Yeah, it seems a bit daunting, if consider everything involved. BUT, I’m going to leave those concerns for later, and just focus on the ideal for now. And besides, I asked around at the Meet & Greet yesterday, and a few people had gotten proofs and really liked them.

      Not enough days left!

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