Tweaks to the Sidebar, Evidence of Evolution?


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[Feel free to panic, this is post about the site itself instead of something interesting! The nerve of me. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Wrylna later tonight, though.]

Several months ago, I put forth the statement that “Things ain’t never always happening all up in this business“. That statement is even more true than it was back then, and my blog has spontaneously evolved to suit this new environment. Am I talking about yet another new theme? Not quite, that’s still under construction. But in the meantime, I fixed up the sidebar!In redoing the sidebar, I set out to make it more reader-friendly, since I have readers now. Going from the top down, I started by replacing the outdated Musings and Currently Reading boxes, which I hadn’t updated in perhaps months. Then I moved the blogroll(which has several new additions) up higher, for better visibility. I cut out the calender, because I felt like it was bulky and rather pointless. And finally, I added a ‘recent comments’ widget, so that people can see where discussions are taking place.

That’s all for now, although I expect we’ll see more tweaks sooner than later, as I work to make this place more respectable.



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