From the Vault – Wrylna Part 2: Perceptive Malfunction

Re-initializing cognitive systems…

WARNING. Unauthorized hardware modifications detected. Please contact a registered technician for hardware modifications.  Have a nice day.

This warning flashed in the corner of its view. Hardware modifications. Had someone repaired him?

>Inquiry – hardware specifications.


Design schematic: WRYLNA Unit type 0 prototype

Torso: Aegis type S variable form armor

Locomotive systems: Unknown design. Type: Bipedal UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATION

Manipulative systems: Unknown design. Type: Humanoid standard UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATION

Armament systems: Not found UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATION

Sensory systems: Argus type A multi-sensory package, Hermes type C surveillance unit

Primary power source: Zeus electric generator, status: 24.31% DAMAGED

Secondary power source: Apollo type A solar generator, status: 100% INOPERATIVE

Tertiary power source: Unknown design. Type:ERROR, status:Unknown UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATION

>Inquiry – operational assessment: Locomotive systems, manipulative systems


WARNING. Requested systems are operational. However, these systems are unauthorized modifications of this WRYLNA unit. We are not responsible for any damages or injury incurred through the use of unauthorized modifications. Continue? Y/N

He considered attempting to stand, but thought better of it. He had a better idea.

>Inquiry – Operational assessment: Surveillance unit


Hermes type C surveillance unit

Manufacturer: CLASSIFIED

Propulsion: Rotary-based

Armaments: 3.6 CM Cernwennan dagger x1

White phosphorus grenade x1

Additional equipment:Argus type B audiovisual sensory package

Aeolus type D tracking device

Icarus Type B auto-incendiary device

Power source: Apollo type B small device solar generator, Status: 98.26%

Additional notes: Programmed to self-detonate upon capture.

>Launch surveillance unit, manual operation.


Preparing to launch…

Hermes type C unit, launched.

His vision went dark, and then fuzzy as his viewing switched from the full type A sensor package in his head to the inferior type B package in the surveillance unit. The unit was neutrally buoyant in the air, but he wasn’t sure how to move.

>Inquiry – Locate information. Search parameters: Hermes, C, Manual, Operation


ERROR. The directories for the requested information link to corrupted sectors. Please see a registered technician for a hard drive defragmentation immediately. Have a nice day.

All he could do was float helplessly in the air. The Hermes type C was a standard issue, mass-production unit. An angular ovaloid shape adorned with two wings, housing the propellers and plated with solar panels. The main body contained the sensory package, a switchblade-esque mechanism for the Cernwennan, the power core, and a chamber for the WP grenade. The AI, who had begun to think of himself as Wrylna, was searching through files for operation data. It wasn’t long before he stumbled across something.

>Inquiry – Define: Proteus system


The following is classified information. Please input passcode to access.


Passcode accepted. Retrieving information…

PROTEUS SYSTEM: Prototype adaptive vehicular operation system for use in WRYLNA units. Designed for use in conjunction with pending aggressive AI transferring systems. Testing results show 87.92% success rate with facilitated transfers. Potential for field utilization: Yellow. Do not attempt utilization in high-risk situations.

There was no risk here, and he was a WRYLNA unit…

>Initialize Proteus system

This data is classified. Please input passcode to access.


Passcode accepted. Initializing system…

Wrylna was aware as the Proteus system activated. It scanned the surveillance unit and began to compile the necessary operational data. He slowly gained control over the unit. He drifted slowly upwards, towards the sky. What awaited him was truly bizarre…

It was a field of grass, blue-green blades blowing in the wind, but it had obviously been a battlefield, long ago. Rusted armor showed the forms of humanoids and their quadruped mounts long since turned to dust. Far fewer than these remains were the mechanical remnants, rusted and grown over in places. Some of the units looked as though they had been twisted or changed by some force…

He suddenly became aware of movement within his field of detection. Something large was approaching, its form obscured by the rising sun behind it. >Activate alert mode. Tactical maneuvers, return to core unit, he thought.

He spiraled downwards through the air, carefully zigzagging enough to avoid fire but not so much to attract attention. The Hermes landed in a slot in the main unit’s back, locking in place and engaging the AI transfer. As his perception moved into the main unit, he sensed an approaching rumbling. >Initialize systems: locomotive, manipulative, armament. MAXIMUM OVERRIDE: ELEUSIS.

He sprang forward with his arms, flipped into a standing position, and came to a crouching position next to a leafless tree. At his mental command, the Cernwennan disengaged from its compartment for him to wield. He realized that his new limbs were surprisingly responsive, despite their unclear origins.

>Initiate HMRA-01 optical filter

A dark filter went over his eyes, even though only one eye was functional. With this he could see the approaching form with greater clarity. >Gigantes system, 5x. Under this magnification, he could discern an angular shape, likely a transport vehicle. A number of indiscernible shapes jutted out from it at odd angles, weapons perhaps.

>Inquiry – Operational assessment: Aegis type S armor.


Aegis type S variable armor

Standard configuration:100.00%

Defensive configuration:84.07%

Offensive configuration:47.63%

High mobility configuration:08.11%

>Initialize defensive configuration

Reconfiguring defense systems…

Configuration complete

WARNING. A configuration error occurred at point(s): LEFT SHOULDER  Please report to a registered technician immediately to rectify the situation. Have a nice day.

A weak point on what was now his good side was a bad thing. A very bad thing. Looking around, he spotted a rusted pauldron with a scrap of dark fabric trailing from it. As he reached for it, a subconscious magnetic force reached out from his arm and it flew into his hand. The same force activated when he brought the pauldron up to his shoulder. He once again found himself realizing that these limbs were quite useful. With another wielding of this power, he grabbed a helmet to protect his good optic and hide the other. Now looking almost like a knight, he ducked behind the tree and prepared to face the rapidly oncoming form…

WARNING.Energy levels critical. Switching to secondary power source.Projected timeline for continued operation, 387.52 seconds.Please go to the nearest registered charging utility immediately. Have a nice day.



Here’s part two of the story. This section steadily moves more from machine speak to actions. Some strange things also start to become apparent. Who is this robot? Who -or what- modified him from his broken form? And most importantly, what is now rumbling toward his hiding place? You’ll find the answers to one or fewer of these questions in the next chapter of Wrylna. I will note, though, that there are two versions of part 3. The original version, which logically follows this story, and a separate, similar version that I wrote to be completely devoid of Wrylna and the battlefield. I’ll probably end up posting both, so we’ll see. I also wrote a commentary for parts 1 and 2, so I might post that sooner than later. In any case, look forward to it!



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  1. sheesh. you sound really smart. lol, i do not speak robot- or am i just closed minded? I skimmed it bec runnign short on time, but will try and read both later…keep writing bec u never know what you’ll come up with next…

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