Either That, or a Bunch of Leprechauns Lighting up Outside my Window

Moon Over Forest Fire

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

So I was trying to sleep last night, and I noticed the smell of cigarette smoke coming in my window. Now, that kind of thing’s not unheard of in an apartment complex, but an endless stream of it is kinda weird. Oddly, though, not the first time it happened. In addition to suffocation and various carcinogens, it was apparently a source of poetic inspiration, as I wrote this:

I hate the nights like this,
When acrid smoke flows endlessly through the window,
As if from God’s cigar.

Perhaps the world is burning,
A rampant, senseless blaze.
No sight, no sound, no taste.
Only scent betrays its being,
But it is the scent of burn and burnt alike.

But whatever spawned this ashen odour,
Not a spark persists by dawn’s first break.

I haven’t written much in a while, and I think I purged every word of prose from this blog in a previous re-tooling of the site, so what do you guys think? I think I’ve garnered a few commenters since the last reboot, so I’ll be glad of any thoughts on it. Or if you know why such an event could take place (my personal theory is in the title), I would really appreciate learning it. That’s all for now.


Oh, and that image came from WordPress’ new built-in Zemanta functions. You were right, Ryan, it’s pretty useful!


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  1. If you’ve been watching the news, pretty much everything everywhere is on fire. Could be some travelin’ smoke cloud or something.

    Or you could be right and there could be little green men smoking little green buds in little green hats outside your window, I guess.

    • That could be, but it wasn’t wood smoke or fire smoke, it smelled distinctly of cigarette smoke. And I don’t think there’s many fires really close to me, it’s mostly in other places.

  2. Dude, you’re pretty dang poetic! I like it. 😀 Did you… close your window?

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