Friday’s Info Hints! Vol.I

Remember me mentioning something neat for today? Well, here it is! This is the first installment of Friday’s Info Hints.

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering what Friday’s Info Hints is all about. Well, I’m wondering the same thing, actually. See, I was playing around with this anagram site, and I decided to check out the anagrams for Shards of Infinity. When I saw ‘Fridays info hints’, I decided to make it into a post! So, here now here we are. I dunno, I guess I’ll give you guys five quick stories, or something? Yeah, let’s go with that.

First up, Heroes is canceled. At this point, I’m sure many of you are either cheering, or thinking that I’m behind the times. But alas, no. Heroes, one of my favorite shows on television, has finally been sentenced to death, and it is not a pretty one. There’ll be no more Sylar, no more paintings, and no more cheerleaders. You were taken from us too soon, Heroes…


Uh, second up, on this day in 1973, the first US space station, Skylab, was launched. It was actually the second space station ever, following the Russian Salyut 1, which launched in 1971. These were the Cold War days, remember, so the US couldn’t stand for the Russians to have something in space if they didn’t have one, too. Anyway, Skylab floated around in low Earth orbit for about 7 years, and was visited by 3 crews in that time. When it finally dropped into the atmosphere and burned up, it was a big spectacle. A paper in San Fransisco offered $10 000 for the first fragment of it delivered to them, and a piece of it was displayed at a Miss Universe contest not long after. But hey, it’s no free tacos.


Let’s see…Okay, I’ve got it! Hint number three: do a barrel roll!


Hint number four, hint number four…. BOOM SHAKA-LAKA! That’s right, I said it. Think you can say it better? Bring it on! EA Sports is re-doing NBA Jam on the Nintendo Wii, and they’re looking for submissions of new catch phrases. Think you’ve got the next Sweet Sassy Molassy? Submit it on the Facebook page, and you could win fabulous prizes! …Or something. I don’t know what the prize is. Is there a prize? Oh, and for those of you not familiar with NBA Jam, here’s a refresher.


All right, one left! Oh! Oh, man. This is a good one. Portal is free right now. Did you hear me? PORTAL. IS. FREE. RIGHT NOW. Until May 24th, Valve has it available free to both hype up Portal 2, and to celebrate the release of Steam for Macs. Speaking of which, the download is for PC AND Mac. So that means that not only can I enjoy its portally glory, but my friend Matsu can too, assuming her Mac can handle it. Head on over to Valve’s site and grab it while it’s hot. Steaming hot, one might say. But then I would slap them(or me), because that’s a terrible pun.


Okay, so that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I’ll see if I can manage it again next week. Also, other anagrams for Shards of Infinity included ‘Nondairy fish fists’, and ‘Firsthand if in soy’. Should I make posts for each of those? Totally. Check out the list of angrams, loyal readers, and tell me if you find any good ones. Or conversely, if you have a suggestion for next week’s Info Hints, tell me that, too. This one was kinda hard. But three was totally not a cop-out. Do a barrel roll, I say! That’s all for now.



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  1. DO A BARREL RO-ahem, oh, Portal! Totally gonna snatch that one off the grill. Also, some anagrams for Deck of Jokers: Cooks Def Jerk and Jock Seed Fork. Not sure how I feel about that. ~

  2. Touche, my friend, touche.

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