Shard’s Spring Anime Rundown, Part I

Okay, so you probably don’t remember, but I said something about reviewing some anime a while back. But rather than doing comprehensive reviews of a couple of series, I’ve decided to do small reviews of everything I’m watching this season. That said, I’m currently watching eight things, so I’m going to divide this affair up into two parts. In this first part, I’ll discuss the new series I’m watching, and I’ll cover the on-going ones in part two. So read on for my reviews of Heroman, Angel Beats!, Katanagatari, and Tegami Bachi.


Genre: Superhero, Sci-fi
Status: 6 episodes, Ongoing
Pre-Impression: 5 out of 5
First Impression: 2 out of 5
Current Verdict: 3.5 out of 5
Preferred Source: CrunchySubs
Summary: A young boy, Joey Jones finds a broken toy robot and rebuilds it. During a strange storm, the toy is struck by lightning and becomes Heroman! Shortly afterward, a race of alien cockroaches called the Skrugg invade Earth. So, naturally Joey, along with his best friend Psy, love interest Lina, and creepy man-friend mentor science teacher Professor Denton, has to stop them.

You may be wondering why I gave this show three different ratings. Allow me to explain. Before the series started, I was pumped about it. I mean, it was a collaboration between famous comic writer Stan Lee and the anime studio Bones, who I know best from their work on Eureka Seven, and Halo Legends. I mean it looked awesome, it sounded awesome, and the trailer had a great song. But then I watched it, only to find it was…generic. I mean, just the name Heroman sounds uninspired. It wasn’t bad, by any reasoning, but it wasn’t good, either. But that changed a few episodes in when they made something very clear: Heroman is not a show where the hero beats the bad guy in every episode, and saves the day. Not at all. Heroman beats a group of Skrugg in their first conflict, but when the mother ship takes root in Center City, and the population evacuates, it becomes very clear that they aren’t playing around. The show is still lacking in some aspects, I find, but it has definitely redeemed itself from a disappointing start.

Angel Beats!

Genre: Comedy-Drama, Slice of Life, Action
Status: 6 episodes, Ongoing
Current Verdict: 5 out of 5
Preferred Source: Mazui Subs
Summary: A young man’s world is turned upside down one night when he finds himself sitting next to a girl with a sniper rifle. He has no memories, but he’s told that he’s dead, and that he has to fight destiny to stop himself from being erased. The girl, Yuri, and her band of rebels are fighting against Angel, a being who seeks to have them act like the other students at in their world, and then disappear. It’s hard to describe this series well…

Angel Beats! is perhaps my favorite show this season. It has a compelling storyline, but it’s smoothly intertwined with lighter parts. As a whole, I find myself reminded of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Particularly in Yuri’s design, and the dynamic of calm, confused guy and excitable, intense girl), and parts of it also remind me of K-ON!(mostly because there’s a band in the story that plays awesome music, but more on K-ON! later). An awesome series, definitely gets my recommendation.


Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Samurai
Status: 4 episodes, Ongoing
Current Verdict: 4.5 out of 5
Preferred Source: Mazui Subs
Summary: A young general in the Shogun’s army, Togame, goes to a remote island to find and recruit the exiled master of the Swordless sword-fighting style. She instead finds his son, Shichika. Together, they journey to find the Twelve Deviant Blades, a set of weapons forged by smith and alchemist Shikizaki Kiki, and powerful enough to defeat the Shogunate.

I just found this series the other day, and I’ve only watched one episode, but I love it already. The character designs are a but odd, but I like the unique style. Like Angel Beats!, it seems to have a solid storyline supported by light romantic comedy. It’s only airing at a rate of one episode a month, unfortunately, but that gives people like me plenty of time to catch up! Definitely seems like a good choice.

Tegami Bachi / Letter Bee

Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk, Comedy-Drama
Status: 25 episodes, Completed (Second Season Pending)
Current Verdict: 3.5 out of 5
Preferred Source: Kemonomimi PSP
Summary: As a young boy, Lag Seeing was delivered as a letter by Gauche Suede, a postman or letter bee. A few years later, he achieves a dream of becoming a letter bee himself, only to find that Gauche has disappeared. The series chronicles Lag’s life as a letter bee, and his quest to find Gauche.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking ‘hang on, he said part one was about new series! This is somewhat old, and completed!’ Well, I had to switch Tegami Bachi for the fourth new series I’m watching, because it’s linked to one of the other series, and they’ll work better if I discuss them at the same time. Anyway, this is a pretty good show. Nothing outstanding, but I like it. It’s a fairly typical shonen series, but it has at least a bit of depth to it, and that’s enough for me. Not too much else to say on this one.

So, my first big set of reviews…What do you think, loyal readers? Agree, disagree, have a suggestion for me? Drop a line in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do. Stay tuned for part two, when I’ll discuss Bleach, K-ON!!, Detective Conan, and Magic Kaito.



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  1. Hey, Angel Beats sounds awesome! So does everything else, but come on, if it’s anything like Haruhi or K-ON! then it’s gotta be good. Definitely now on my list. ~

    • Oh man, totally! It has earned itself a spot amidst my favorite anime of all time, I’d say. I ninja’d in a link to one of the songs from the show, to support my point about the music.

      Also, this is me testing out the ability to reply to comments, instead of simply posting another one.

      • Dude, yes! I checked out that ninja’d link, and that song is fabulous! (Guess who’s gonna rip that one off YouTube later?) 😀

        • By the way – how do you change the avatar/icon for commenting?

          • Short of me changing the generic icon with my omnipotent administrative authority, I believe you have two options:
            1. Get a WordPress account. This is silly, but I know it’ll work.
            2. Get a Gravatar ( account. I THINK this’ll work; it carries my icon all over the internet.

            Also, there are better ways to acquire songs than YouTube rips. I’ll message you a link.

  2. I have to agree with you about Heroman, however I’d probably give it a bit of a lower rating. The episode that came out today raised my opinion on it slightly (mostly Nick’s cry session about his powerlessness) but I’d probably give it a 3 out of 5. IT’s incredibly generic, but still easily watchable.

    • Yeah, definitely watchable. I didn’t really put much thought into the rankings, but I think Heroman’s more of a 3.5, since that’s what I gave to Tegami Bachi. Thanks for commenting!

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