Stupendous, Unprecedented, Perfect, Exciting, and Revolutionary. In a word, SUPER!

Some sharp-thinking readers may have been expecting this, but I was hesitant to announce it before it actually happened:

Shards of Infinity has gone ONE MONTH without a viewless day.

Stop for a minute and consider that. One month. Four weeks. Thirty days. Isn’t that amazing? That’s amazing. That is just mind-blowing. You have officially blown my mind, loyal readers. AWESOME readers. Am I repeating things? I’m repeating things. I am repeating things because my mind is just so totally and completely blown. It feels like barely yesterday we were dancing in the streets to celebrate a mere two weeks of this, and now it’s suddenly a month’s worth.

As I see it, there are two main culprits in this event. The first, as I have mentioned before, is Matsu. The traffic I’ve gotten from Deck of Jokers has inflated both my pageviews and my ego. One of these things is good, the other is not so good, but I keep it under control. The other is probably the four posts of superawesome.

SO, an event this momentous has to be accompanied by site news, doesn’t it? I… really hadn’t put much prior thought into this.

The only really new thing I have is that I added a link to the sidebar. It’s to Sfeer Theory, a relatively young webcomic that I chanced upon. And by relatively young, I mean it has an archive of just 5 pages. A great choice for anyone who hates reading through massive archives (these people are not me, I read through ALL of the archives, even when it’s pointless and futile, like Dinosaur Comics). I suppose it detracts from the exclusivity of Deck of Jokers in my link section, but more links equals more readers, or something…Right?

OH, here’s another one! I haven’t gotten around to this, but I’m going to re-design the About page so that it doesn’t suck as hard as it does now. A daunting task, if ever there was one. Stay tuned for the finished product.

Aaaaand, that’s about it for now. Honestly, though. A month? You guys are the best. Keep being the best, loyal readers.



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  1. And there was much rejoicing.

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