Disturbing Vampire Fiction, okay?

I said I’d give you guys what you asked for, and I’m a man of my word. I’ve gotten one request so far, and it was for “more disturbing vampire fiction”. So, let’s give that a shot, or something.

They sat there, silently, watching. Nocturnal animals skittered back and forth across the slivers of moonlinght filtering in through the trees. It would perhaps be rather comical to observe two grown men sitting on a tree branch, but they were positioned in such a way as to be almost invisible from most any angle.
“So, what sort of ‘big game’ are we after, brother?” one of them whispered, cutting through the silence.
“A deer, a bear, anything with enough life to sustain us.” the other spoke sharply, annoyed with his companion.
“Well, why do we have to just sit here? I mean, it would be way faster to just hunt something directly. This is boring!”
“Quiet!” he hissed in reply. “You need to learn the virtue of patience, brother. That which we seek ought show itself sooner than later.
“Well, I’m thirsty.” With that, he took a flask from his belt, and drank from it. The liquid shone in the moonlight.
“I didn’t think you had any blood left, brother…” the elder vampire found himself wondering if his stores had been raided yet again.
“No, I ran out ages ago.” the younger replied. “I’m trying some new stuff, to try and hold off the urges.”
“So…what, water? tea?” he caught a whiff of its scent, and it puzzled him.
“Nope, trying something natural. Urine, actually. Want some?” he held the open flask out to his brother.
“What? No! That’s disgusting!” he shouted in reply, right before the branch cracked.

The animals fled as the two hit the ground with an unceremonious thump. Unfortunately, the open flask had lost its contents all over the elder vampire…

So, yeah. It was hard to think of something disturbing without going too far, so you guys get ‘drinking urine’. That’s kind of disturbing, at least. Keep up the requests, guys.



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  1. Bravo, bravo!

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