Shards of Infinity celebrates two solid weeks of page views!

Whoa. This is, insane. Incredible, even. If I get even ONE VIEW today, I have officially gone TWO WEEKS without a single view-less day on here. That just amazes me, you guys. And this is all thanks to you. I cut it close on a couple of days, but at least one person looked at my blog every day for the past two weeks. This means a lot to me guys, thanks. Check it out:

Isn’t that great? It’s got me seriously psyched, at least. And I look forward to two more weeks like this! And maybe some more after that!

But this isn’t about me. No way. This is about you guys, and how you’ve shown up every day for me. But what do you guys wanna see? Surely I can give you better than just rambling on about this, that, and the next thing. Leave a comment telling me what you want to see, and I’ll make it happen. Well, unless it’s really weird or something, maybe. But still, ask and ye shall receive, loyal readers! Man, I remember the days when you guys were all imaginary readers…How times have changed, I suppose.

And speaking of changing times, I can’t forget one of the most important people to blame for this prosperity, Matsu! If you’re not reading Deck of Jokers yet, get to it. And if you are reading Deck of Jokers, keep up the good work. My link exchange with Deck of Jokers was a real turning point for me, from rambling moron to actually something, even just a little bit. Oh, and in case I haven’t made it clear yet: Deck of Jokers. Read it.

So, guys, it looks like I’m moving up in the world. It’ll be a pretty crazy ride, but I hope you guys hang around for it. How about it?



About Shard

I'm a reader, a writer, a gamer, and various other things.

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