Finding new things in old games

So, if you’ve been reading here in the past day, and I know you may have been, you’ll know that I’m in a SNES mood. For the past few days, that has materialized in playing Yoshi’s Island. Amidst the rampant drug references, it’s a kickass game. So, I beat the first world, and noticed that I had flashing 100 scores on four out of the eight levels. So, I went in and got the other ones perfect and, lo and behold, a bonus level and a minigame appeared! I mean, how crazy is that?

Man, this is what I love about really old games. When you’re a really young kid, you’ll play these things, and miss all sorts of stuff. Then, when you go back years later, BAM! New stuff. And especially in a game as great as Yoshi’s Island, it’s an amazing find. That’s about all I can say, guys.



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