I keep away from art whenever possible, but there are exceptions…

Okay, so I was messing around in Flash earlier (as I am wont to do). During the course of said messing, I came up with a design that I liked. A few tweaks on the original design, a lot more tweaks, and I ended up with this:

So, any good? Naw, I’m just messin’ with ya. Of course it’s pretty crappy. I like it, though. Check out the evolution of the design, and my take on a few vaguely notable mecha after the jump. Let’s start with the timeline of designs:

Going from left to right:
1. I just randomly drew this blocky piece of junk. No head or anything. I immediately moved on to the next version.
2. Hey, it’s got a head, now. And pointy, Liquid Terminator arms, to boot. A lot more dynamic than the original, but still missing something. A lot of somethings.
3. It’s got hands and feet now, but the head leaves something to be desired.
4. It’s got a proper, albeit rather insectoid, head now. I also adjusted some of the lines and the positions of things, to make it more streamlined.
5. Not really a legitimate evolution of the design, per se, but the bigfoot variation allows for a broader range of designs than just the original.

When I decided I wanted to blog about my designs, I figured I should come up with some half-decent designs to show you guys. So I ended up drawing the main machines from Mobile Suit Gundam, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, and Transformers.

First up, the semi-eponymous star of Gurren-Lagann, the Gurren-Lagann! If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll understand that last statement. Now, this guy is the worst one of the bunch, because I built him on the 2nd version frame, and didn’t bother to re-do it later. It’s got a generic head, but it has the broken horns from the helmet, and a bad rendition of the Gurren’s face on the front of it. The thigh and shoulder armor ended up looking pretty ambiguous, too. But hey, Gurren-Lagann kicks ass.

Next up, Optimus Prime, from Transformers. This one doesn’t rank much higher than Gurren-Lagann for me, because I really skipped out on a proper head, and the ‘wheels’ on his legs make it look like he’s shivering, or something. Don’t leave yet, the last three are a major step up from these two. Oh, I almost forgot…

Bumblebee! Well, sort of. This was basically a lead-in to the actual homages. With such an insectoid head, and pointy arms, it HAD TO BE DONE. Okay? Okay. Moving on.

Remember the RX-78-2 Gundam? Good times, good times. I tweaked my Flash settings for this one, so it’s better and sharper all around. I gave it a proper head, and inverted the ‘neck’ so the head wouldn’t be floating in space anymore. I did my best to imitate the head and the colors of the torso, and it turned out half-decent. It even has its beam sabres. His face looks kinda worried, though…

Ah, the Nirvash. Somehow, this ended up both the best-looking one, and the most inaccurate. It was hard to find good pictures of the Nirvash, so a lot of the coloring is off. I really like the end result, though. He looks rather unamused with my shenanigans. Also, that really thin line on his head is a horn, which is much more visible from the side. The side of the actual Nirvash, I mean, since I can’t draw anything other than straight forward or back views.

Now, looking at the Nirvash, I felt compelled to try one last design…

That’s right, I tweaked the Nirvash design to make it a person. I filled in all the empty joints, too. Except his neck. He’s like Prozzäk, I guess? Also, I suck at drawing hands, seriously. Those are by far the best hand’s I’ve ever drawn, hand’s down. No pun intended.

Naw, pun totally intended.

So, what do you guys think? Like em, hate em, want to murder me for raping your eyes with their absolute horror? Leave a comment telling me what you think. That’s all for now.



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  1. cool story.

    Please limit links to your name in the future. I’ll trust that you’re not a spambot, but I cut all of your links. Sorry. -Shard

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