PSP turns 5, site updates occur. Coincidence? Probably.

The PSP‘s five, eh? That’s crazy. I’ve had mine for two years as of this past January, but it was used then. It could be a launch model, even. Doubt it, though. It has served me well in those two years, though. But I guess when I consider its age, the slow decline of its hardware is more expected, but still lamentable.

In other news, the site has received some minor tweaks(rather than the typical overhaul), mainly the logo and a text widget. I discovered that I could change the site’s logo (see above), and after numerous failed designs, I settled on simply adding a Triforce to an immitation of the original logo. Not that great, but unique, at least.

The second, hopefully more interesting update, is the return of the Currently Reading text widget in the sidebar. While this is up, it’ll carry the titles of whatever I’m reading, along with a small blurb of some sort, probably. It’s hard to make time to read, though, so it’ll probably go away in a while, to hide my shame.

And that’s about it for now. Not really anything great, but it’s something, right? Although quality can’t be entirely abandoned, quantity is important on a blog, I would think. I need some regular columns, or something. That’s all for now, I guess.


[PSP’s birthday news via Kotaku]


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