Et tu, Brute?

Ah, the ides. No, I said the ides. I-D-E-S. Of March? Come on, don’t say you’ve never heard of them. gb2 highschool English, kthxbai.

Well, now that we’ve rid ourselves of those sorts, let us continue on with our intellectual discussion.

Aw, who am I kidding? I don’t feel like an intellectual discussion.

That’s about the best you’re gonna get out of me today. A badly vandalized picture of a bust of Aristotle.

On an unrelated note, go swarm Deck of Jokers until Matsu feels better. After that, feel free to go about your day.

Aside from that picture, not a single section of this post has lasted longer than a single line, at least in the editor. When I actually post it, it’ll look different, maybe.

A belated Happ Pi Day* to all, and to all a good night**!


*In some parts of the world, Pi Day won’t be until July 22, if the format is day/month (22/7=3.14ish). For the rest of us, it’s March 14 (3.14).
**In some parts of the world, it’s morning.


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