A Brief Rant on the Subject of an Ambiguous Term

PlayStation Network. That’s that thing were you can download stuff like games and demos for your PSP and PS3, right? Yeah, that about sums it up, I’d say. But I mean, obviously, you’re talking about a whole with two very distinct halves. Sure, maybe I could play a PSP game on a PS3, but good luck trying to run Metal Gear Solid 4 on a PSP.

What I’m getting at here is that there are very separate elements to the PSN, and I don’t think that’s a difficult concept to grasp. But apparently for notable gaming blog Kotaku, it is. Whether its their PSN Update or a preview of Mega Man 10, these guys never seem to notice the difference between the two, going so far as to apply the term to the PS3 half 99% of the time. And they aren’t the only ones. Wikipedia, for example, is prone to this as well. Painfully prone.

Now, going back to an earlier point, it’s obvious that if they talk PSN in an MGS 4 article, they’re talking PS3. But with games like Mega Man 10, and 9 before it, games that are specifically tailored to imitate one of the most basic iterations of the home gaming console, it wouldn’t kill them to be a bit more specific! I mean, if they can put a port of Mega Man 1 on the PSP, these games shouldn’t be any different! I suppose this makes divides the issue into two, but the point still stands.

The PSP is a powerful handheld in its own right, and there are many cases where games look like they’d run on the PSP, but don’t. So Kotaku, next time time you guys wet yourselves over the new Mega Man game, or some new Indie game hitting the online stores, distinguish the PS3 from the PSP!

Plus, Nintendo has WiiWare AND DSWare, so I think they’ve got a leg up on you, Sony. Quit slacking! /rant



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