Yeah, it’s a New Theme

I liked the last theme, but it was too restrictive, y’know? I felt too squeezed together with that narrow column, and it looked even worse once I got a widescreen monitor. So when I saw this new theme, I jumped on it. I don’t get much in terms of customization, but the whole thing looks and feels a lot more natural, I think.

Now, obviously, all this theme shuffling is all part of a clever conspiracy to divert your attention from the distinct lack of content on this blog. I’m working on that, maybe? Wouldn’t you like to know. Well, we’ll see. Well, I will, for sure. And maybe you will, too. No obligations. And I mean, the subtle hypnotic cues all over the place don’t mean anything, do they?



About Shard

I'm a reader, a writer, a gamer, and various other things.

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