Stereophonic, Headphonic, Mnemonic

I got new headphones today, since my old pair were past their prime. Now, I’m not much of an audiophile, but I was surprised at how much better this pair sounded. The tones were sharper, and the bass was much more evident. My other pair, like a number of its precursors, had gotten to the point where sound only came through the right channel unless I bent the cord just right. It was REALLY bothersome…

I was hoping I could find another pair like them, but the store was all out. I ended up springing for a more expensive pair of Maxell “Jelleez” for about 8 bucks. I can’t say I like the name, but the product’s great. The sound is clear, they fit in my ears perfectly, and they don’t have those annoying foam covers that I always lose… After taxes it actually came to $7.76, pretty close to the jackpot. Maybe next time, eh?


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