From the Vault: Putting the ‘C4’ in Cetacean

Well, like I said, I’m gonna dredge up remnants of the old blog for use here. The first of these is a post about the aforementioned exploding whale. It was originally published on November 12th, 2008. Oh, and because it’s outdated, I have made adjustments in editor’s brackets [ ‘[‘ and ‘]’, for the uninformed] where necessary.

Original title: YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! OH, DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! That, my friends, is a quote from planet of the apes. This, my friends, is an exploding whale:

Pretty self-explanatory…[posted as a link instead of a video to avoid offending anyone]

So…Well…Not really sure how to follow that one up, I guess. So I will scapegoat with this! I’m gonna start doing some sort of video roundup each week, probably with mini-reviews for each vid. And of course I’ll link to them, and maybe put a link in their comments[if I can make it not spam…]. If you find anything good, drop a comment or use the chatbox to link me, and it might end up in the roundup.[This sounds like a good idea, but don’t count on it just yet] Till next time,


Oh yeah, I should add that it was this day in history[Nov. 12, at the time] that the whale thing happened. That is all. —————————————————————————————————————————————————- There you go, guys. Exploding whales, eh? Crazy stuff.



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  1. Wow. Shard, u are one random-ass guy! 😛 Exploding whales? Where on earth do u find this stuff????

  2. I know a history buff, he told me about it.

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